Sunday, March 8, 2015

Stop it!!!

saw this image today. totally made me think!

how many of us have dark negative thoughts when we should be having thoughts of light and love?
we are Light and Love. Beautiful, Brilliant, Loving & Loveable. We shine even through our depressions. We breathe and live and love thru the pain. what is stopping us from thinking and living the light that we are?

stop the negative self talk... I have this problem too. self deprecating, my sister says... my bff now tells me, stop talking to my friend like that!

How many of us would actually speak to others the way we speak to ourselves?
"You're fat. you're stupid. idiot! fucking think idiot! "

I have actually been catching myself lately. yesterday i went to the fridge for dinner. pulled out leftovers. saw leftovers from a meal i went to with my family and said.. You idiot! think. and then I responded to myself You are not an idiot. You didn't think. you are hungry and you just pulled out the first thing you saw. when i came out into the living room , I saw my bf beaming! :)

Let's work on this together if this is your problem too. ok?
comment yes if you want to...  we'll work on this.. encourage each other...  read set Stop It!