Friday, February 12, 2016

On my Soapbox

I don't normally get on a religious rant... but I've noticed a trend on T.V. and in the movies lately. ok it's been years... but more so now on television.

I started watching the new show I think called "Angel from Hell."  I started watching and it was cute, a few good laughs here and there. I thought nothing of it until another show came out on a different network. "lucifer"
Then one day I was scanning thru Hulu and saw other shows I hadn't heard of before, IZombie, Shadow Hunters and that sort of thing. there were so many of them!
What are these shows teaching the younger population? It's already bad enough that so many have stopped believing in pretty much anything.

 Could it be that these themes are so popular because
 those that have lost their faiths are looking for something to believe in? 
Could it be that kids these days are yearning for
something to follow and believe in? 

I only wish the major networks would show something that people can really hold onto! Something they really can believe... not gore and blood and violence.

ok off my Soapbox ! 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

My day

I need to sit and cry.  

Today started out as a beautiful day !!
While riding up to DC with Diane this morning, I kept getting dizzy and nauseous. I thought after I dropped her off, if I still felt bad, I'd sit in the car until I was better.
I dropped Her off at work, met up with my sis for coffee, and decided to go home thru rock creek park. It is soooo gorgeous I decided to stop, walk around and took pics. Sooo lovely! I was on the phone w my momma and she said every other word I said was oooooohhhh or wow!!! Or gorgeous!!! Lol really really was! Was out there for about 45 minutes I think. Just lovely!!! 
Afterwards went to joanne's for some retail therapy. When I got back home I called dr Steens office to see if I could come in later - was running late. They said yes so I thought 3 would be plenty of time to eat lunch clean up little bit and go. Well about 220 while already in the road ,  I realized/remembered the car was low on gas. Stopped to get gas, opened my purse, looked for my wallet.... 
Yup!!! It wasn't there. I called joannes & asked if I left my wallet. Nope. 
So I asked to gas station attendant  if I could write them a check. "No no Y no."  (My mom in her broken English) not finding my wallet is bad enough.. Car was nearly empty I was stressed & running late. I snapped at the guy on the register. I apologized for snapping right away, it's  not his fault they don't accept checks. Only reason I had they check book was to pay a bill earlier in the morning. 

I went to the car and turned the key to start the engine. I was just about to pull away when a woman knocked on the window. She asked what has happened and I told her I could not find my wallet and I had to be in Georgetown University Hospital for an appointment. She asked me to go back in the store with her and paid $5 to the cashier. I asked if I could pay her back by check in the mail or something but she said "no its Cool"

So I put the $5 in the car and thanks be to God that took me to just barely under half a tank!!! I was already running late and then traffic and let me tell you my patience was/is at a very low place right now (at a premium? Is that the right phrase?). 
When I get to the hospital, I saw the parking area was closed off. I turned into somewhere that I saw after I turned in, said do not enter in big letters inside a red stop sign. :-( these two guys that keep the parking area and the drop off zone flowing smoothly, ran Towards me hollering. I stopped the car and had to back up. Asked where to park they said the garage. But I saw parking is $10 for the first frikin hour!!!! I had to park. Was at that point already 3:09. I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm falling asleep right now.  Oh and they said my original appointment was for 1:30 not 2;30!!! Argggggg 

Close up of ice