Friday, February 12, 2016

On my Soapbox

I don't normally get on a religious rant... but I've noticed a trend on T.V. and in the movies lately. ok it's been years... but more so now on television.

I started watching the new show I think called "Angel from Hell."  I started watching and it was cute, a few good laughs here and there. I thought nothing of it until another show came out on a different network. "lucifer"
Then one day I was scanning thru Hulu and saw other shows I hadn't heard of before, IZombie, Shadow Hunters and that sort of thing. there were so many of them!
What are these shows teaching the younger population? It's already bad enough that so many have stopped believing in pretty much anything.

 Could it be that these themes are so popular because
 those that have lost their faiths are looking for something to believe in? 
Could it be that kids these days are yearning for
something to follow and believe in? 

I only wish the major networks would show something that people can really hold onto! Something they really can believe... not gore and blood and violence.

ok off my Soapbox ! 

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  1. So true, Same with kids and violence. People feel, kids watching Violence makes no difference when they grow up. But Some studies have shown, they get acclimatized to it. It is just too bad, they listen to the studies that show it doesn't.