Thursday, December 27, 2012


Christmas has come and gone. Ok, just a few days ago, but already, I'm tired of the decorations, the music, the lines at the stores, and most of all, the left overs. We didn't do a whole turkey this year, just like we did at Thanksgiving. although at Thanksgiving, I got a few turkey legs, for Christmas, we got a Turkey breast and split it between my daughter, her fiance, my grand daughter and myself. 

No no, I think most of all, I'm tired of the cold weather! We barely got snow this year, it snowed a tiny bit on Christmas Eve and a tiny bit on the 26th. The snow was on the ground for a few hours and then it started to rain. yuck! Of course, I haven't gone out in a few days. 

On the 25th, we all went out to see the White House Christmas tree and it was beautiful, but with so many people and with it being so cold out, we decided to not go around the loop and skip the smaller trees from the different states. There were just way too many people! Instead, we went to a little area where they were selling food and souvenirs and we got hot chocolates and hot dogs. yum! We tried going to Starbucks but of course they were closed... and i wanted to go to Ben's Chili Bowl (YUM!) but they were closed too. Instead, we walked to the closets metro station, felt like a forever walk down the National Mall, and finally we were at the metro station. 

Had we taken the bus instead, we only needed to walk 2 blocks to the stop. However, it was cold and we didn't know when the bus would get there, being Christmas. AND the bus would have dropped us off half way UP the hill instead of at the bottom of the hill. So it was another walk home from the metro station in silver spring. oh well.  

I have been so tired lately. not sure exactly why.. and when I want to try to sleep during the day, there is always too much noise for me to sleep. 

i'm sorry guys, I didn't mean for this to turn into a bitch-fest. 

Ellie got some awesome Christmas gifts! She got a stuffed Broby, from Yo Gabba Gabba, 
an electronic doll, an electronic tea set, a see and say,
I wanted to get her a toy laptop  but I think I'll wait a little longer. I don't want her to think she can play with my laptop when I'm not around. as it is, she likes opening the CD rom drive. lol 

I also got some awesome gifts this year ! I wasn't even expecting anything. But I got some computer programs I really wanted, a mani pedi gift certificate, a gift card to DSW, (both of which I'm excited to use!) two necklaces, what else, oh! a beautiful eight by ten of Ellie! 

It was a really nice day, in fact, we had a few really nice days over here! Spending time with Drea, Jorge and Ellie! :-)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Right Heart Catheterization

My RHC has been scheduled for this coming Monday. I'm not afraid of the Cath anymore. This will be my fourth one, and they get easier each time.
What I am worried about, afraid of, is that they will say that everything is fine, and my PH is not advancing. Let me back up for a second.

Of course I do not want my PH to be advancing. no way. But what else can this be?


My doc told me that everything is worse when you are depressed. No really? I didn't know that.

But they are testing me and soon, I hope, I'll get the referral to the rheumatologist.

The above pic is how they do the RHCs but mine will go in through the neck, I hope. that's how I've always had it done.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Change of plans

There has been a change of plans for the holidays. :( 

Carly and Andrew won't be able to make it for Christmas, some prior commitments were made. But, they will be coming out for the Cherry Blossoms in April, God willing!!! It's my favorite time of year in the district :-)

The weather is always gorgeous! Of course the Cherry Blossoms are out, lining the streets of D.C. and the out banks of the Potomac. And then to see the monuments with the beautiful pink petals everywhere, amazing! 

There's so much we can do while they are here. Of course the monuments and museums are the biggest draw. Not knowing Andrew well enough, I'm not sure exactly what he will want to do, but I'm sure some night time dancing will be in order for them. :-) 

Maybe they would want to go to an amusement park, there's one that by public transportation, is only 2 hours away, which really isn't that bad. I think it's a 6 Flags, but I'm not sure. 

But best of all, I have written to my congress person requesting tickets to go to the White House! I tried to get tickets for Luzy but there wasn't enough time. You need to do it months ahead of time, and I wasn't even certain she would be able to come.

So, it will be Luzy, Drea, Ellie and hopefully Jorge too. I will totally miss Carly and Andrew but, it is what it is. 

Saturday, December 8, 2012


My kids are coming for Christmas!!! For the first time in several years, God willing, I'll have my three daughters and granddaughter here with me! But excited but worried too:

  • Will they get along?
  • Will they have fun?
  • Will there be enough time and $ for everything I want to do?
  • Will I have enough energy for everything I want to do.. everything THEY want to do? 
This is also only possible if Carly and Andrew can get the time off of work to be able to come. Even if they can only be here for a weekend... I'd prefer much longer but of course I understand!!! 

I'm so excited! Please GOD: let them get the time off! Let them get along!!! Let me have energy to spend as much time as possible enjoying them!!! 


Thursday, December 6, 2012

SO much

There is so much beautiful in the world! From babies to the mountains, from animals to the sea and everything in between!

I marvel at how God created us. I am in awe at how we can be, one person, in ourselves each of us, individual. So frikin many of us, and so individual. There is not  a single person on this planet exactly like me. Someone may look like me, may have a few of my characteristics, but not one single person that is exactly me. That blows my mind !

Something else that blows my mind, the universe. The beauty of the heavens and the stars and the planets. WOW. How God knew exactly what to put in the heavens, blows me away. Shooting stars, asteroids, the Aurora Borealis, so beautiful! so gorgeous!
I'd like to see and witness and participate in everything that the world has to offer. I'd like to, one day, venture out, on a good PH day, and just wounder about.

But on the same token, there is so much pain in this world.

  • Broken hearts or relationships that failed. 
  • Depression and mental illness, even though it's in our heads, it's totally real to us, and yes, I'm including myself in thiat. 
  • Diseases
  • War   
Just to name a few.

And then there is the pain inflicted on ourselves and others

  • cutting
  • burning
  • pulling hair out
  • bulimia
  • abuse from loved ones 

Does the beauty of this world out way the pain in this world? Is it really worth it? To suffer depression or disease, or abuse and broken heart?