Tuesday, September 6, 2016

I just don't understand

I don't understand. I mean I have been blessed by so many miracles in my life. So why can't I believe that God will send another one my way? I whole heartedly believe everyone else can get miracles or blessings or whatever you want to call it. Then why can't I believe I can?

Why do I believe my sins are so offensive to God that I cannot be forgiven? I know we are all forgiven of our sins and then after death we have purgatory to help with the rest. So why can't I believe?
Why do I believe God isn't listening to me when I pray when I know with all my heart God listens to everyone else - but me.

I just do not understand. I have felt this way for many years now.

This post does not need a reply but if you have the foggiest of ideas why, i would love to hear/read  your thoughts!