Wednesday, February 3, 2016

My day

I need to sit and cry.  

Today started out as a beautiful day !!
While riding up to DC with Diane this morning, I kept getting dizzy and nauseous. I thought after I dropped her off, if I still felt bad, I'd sit in the car until I was better.
I dropped Her off at work, met up with my sis for coffee, and decided to go home thru rock creek park. It is soooo gorgeous I decided to stop, walk around and took pics. Sooo lovely! I was on the phone w my momma and she said every other word I said was oooooohhhh or wow!!! Or gorgeous!!! Lol really really was! Was out there for about 45 minutes I think. Just lovely!!! 
Afterwards went to joanne's for some retail therapy. When I got back home I called dr Steens office to see if I could come in later - was running late. They said yes so I thought 3 would be plenty of time to eat lunch clean up little bit and go. Well about 220 while already in the road ,  I realized/remembered the car was low on gas. Stopped to get gas, opened my purse, looked for my wallet.... 
Yup!!! It wasn't there. I called joannes & asked if I left my wallet. Nope. 
So I asked to gas station attendant  if I could write them a check. "No no Y no."  (My mom in her broken English) not finding my wallet is bad enough.. Car was nearly empty I was stressed & running late. I snapped at the guy on the register. I apologized for snapping right away, it's  not his fault they don't accept checks. Only reason I had they check book was to pay a bill earlier in the morning. 

I went to the car and turned the key to start the engine. I was just about to pull away when a woman knocked on the window. She asked what has happened and I told her I could not find my wallet and I had to be in Georgetown University Hospital for an appointment. She asked me to go back in the store with her and paid $5 to the cashier. I asked if I could pay her back by check in the mail or something but she said "no its Cool"

So I put the $5 in the car and thanks be to God that took me to just barely under half a tank!!! I was already running late and then traffic and let me tell you my patience was/is at a very low place right now (at a premium? Is that the right phrase?). 
When I get to the hospital, I saw the parking area was closed off. I turned into somewhere that I saw after I turned in, said do not enter in big letters inside a red stop sign. :-( these two guys that keep the parking area and the drop off zone flowing smoothly, ran Towards me hollering. I stopped the car and had to back up. Asked where to park they said the garage. But I saw parking is $10 for the first frikin hour!!!! I had to park. Was at that point already 3:09. I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm falling asleep right now.  Oh and they said my original appointment was for 1:30 not 2;30!!! Argggggg 

Close up of ice 

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