Sunday, March 28, 2010

Kite Festival, Cherry Blossoms, and Smithsonium Museums

Today one of my kids and I went out into DC for the International Kite Festival and Cherry Blossoms kick off. It was a beautiful spring day in the district, and tons of people were out enjoying it, just like we were. We jumped on the metro soon after noon hit.From the Spring to China Town, onto the Yellow line, but really, we needed the orange line... that delayed us by 20 minutes or so. We walked slowly enjoying the day, as so many visitors rushed passed us. It felt almost as if we were walking in slow motion. When we rounded the corner to the National Mall, the throngs of people were like waves hitting the beach. National Epilepsy Walk was being held, The Kite Festival and the Cherry Blossoms were attracting more and more waves onto the sand. There really were so many people we were forced onto the street as the cars whizzed by us.

We walked past the Washington Monument and it seemed even more people were flying kites, picnicking, or just sunning themselves! The sky was littered with kites today as participants flew their home made or store bought kites.

It was such a beautiful day full of excitement! But it was a short day too. After a short stay in the Smithsonian Castle, we went thru the African Museum with their artifacts and beautiful and intriguing things, and we also went thru the Islamic exhibits. Believe it or not, there was an exhibit dedicated to the Nuns and Sisters who came to this country as nurses and teachers and architects! Such fascinating things there!!!

We exited through the back of the Castle and headed for the metro. When we got home, I slept for 3 hours before Carly woke me saying she was hungry.

Although this was a packed 3 hours today, I was loosing energy by the 2 hour and absolutely needing to rest for some time. I'm glad we went!! And like I told Carly, these museums are still going to be here! We can always return!!! And we will!!!

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