Thursday, August 15, 2013

Rest in Peace

When a friend (PHriend) passes away, I don't know what to feel. I feel so bad for their family, friends and loved ones, for all of us who loved them so much!! I feel glad that they are no longer suffering with this horrible disease, pulmonary hypertension. but then, i always seem to get selfish and wonder when it will be my turn and why i am still here after so long! next month will be 15 years since diagnosis and i'm still here. i've watched my children grow into mature beautiful women. I get to play and take care of my grand baby almost every single day! so what is it about me that I am still here and they are gone? I don't get it. Rest in Peace to all my phriends who i have loved so very much! We may have had Pulmonary Hypertension in common, but our friendship went deeper than just our illness. Rest in peace.

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