Sunday, January 17, 2016


i can honestly say I hate my dependence on Coca-Cola​. I wake up with a headache , and i drink Coke in the morning. I get upset, and I drink Coke. I get bored, I get depressed, I get happy, I get thirsty.... man, sounds like my shopping addiction... :(  - which honestly is a real thing, so please no laughing.... 

this Coca-Cola addiction is expensive, does nothing for my health, well, let me say nothing good for my health, and that should include my waste line as well!  


But there's something about a Coke!! When you pop the top and the fizziness hits you smack in the face. And you take a big breathe in, and you feel the fizziness in your nostrils. and as you sip in the golden amber colored fluid, it fills your soul. 

Arggg!!! Now I need a Coke!!!!

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