Wednesday, June 1, 2016

should i or shouldn't I?

I'm really really considering putting this blog up for monetization. i wouldn't have any idea how much i'd get and if it's per person, click or whatever. i'd probably get ads that would pay me whenever someone clicks on their link from my blog.

so I'd like to ask... would you click on a link, whether you purchase or not? would you read my blog at least once a month, I'm guessing, because I just had a notification that my blog 90 views in the past month. I am sure, really, that's as they say , "chump change" but chump change for me would be a nice little amount. lol since i dont even have chump change left over at the end of the month.....

so I'd love to have people comment on this and let me know, would you visit my page at least once a month? if I posted more regularly, would you come and read those too? and if there were advertisements on my page, would you click on them, if they were interesting to you ? I'm just wondering

HUGS n Periwinkle Kisses

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