Saturday, January 22, 2011

dreans dreams dreams

Like I've sad before in a previous post, i've been having some crazy dreams! Last night had a plot and was stranger than strange. i was a scientist trying to get a grant for a piece of land to study some species of animal. while there, i found a  bug that i wasn't studying but that was new to me, and as a scientist, i thought i had known all the bugs around that piece of land.

these bugs were very pretty, the wings had feathers, red and blue and brilliant green. and the face was skeleton like, with bones protruding and teeth super sharp. it turned out these bugs were aliens from a far off planet and i was afraid someone else was going to get the grant to study these bugs instead of me and my bugs. so i started studying them and found them to stay close to a huge tree. when i tried to take a sample of the tree, i was attacked, of course being a dream, i wasn't harmed but i ran home, vowing never to return.

at home, we were taking down something from the attack when i found an enormous tree exactly like the one where the alien bugs called home. but this tree was bigger than anything i had ever seen, multiple stories tall, it went straight thru the house from top to bottom going thru the chimney.

i had one of the kids pour gasoline on the house and set it on fire because for some reason, i had an infant in my hands. i ran with the baby and lost my kids, so i ended up in a hospital,, trying to give the baby away to someone. they put me in the loony bin because of it and i was yelling, my kids! my kids!

that's when i woke up. strange huh? alien bugs and me with a baby? lol.

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