Wednesday, January 19, 2011

strange strange dreams

So I have been having some really strange dreams lately. The latest one was me and a group of people climbing a very tall, snowy mountain. we were getting ready with safety harnesses and all and someone runs up the mountain only to fall to their death. then I was in a coffee and it was my job to serve the people the food, the waitress. i couldn't find where any of the dishes were so i started serving people in cups... steaks and potatoes, in cups. lol. such odd dreams. then, after the coffee shop, my dream took me back to the mountain where the group of people and i were already climbing. we took a turn to  left and ended up in a gift shop. i was a cashier and needed to find bags for their purchases. the next room over were elevators leading up the mountain. I guess not even in my dreams can I climb a mountain. lol. once out of the elevators, i found a small grotto where the Virgin Mary was speaking to people. I was being pushed by the crowds trying to get to the Virgin Mother when I was pushed off the mountain. I didn't die and found myself flying back up to the top of the mountain.When i got there though, the Virgin was gone.


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