Thursday, February 28, 2013

Feels like I just got here!!!

I know I still have a little more than two weeks left in Cali, but I feel like I just got here, AND I feel like time is going to darn fast! Slow down time! Slow down!!

I have had so much fun since I got here! the only bad part so far has been the ride from the airport. lol.

after my niece and nephew's party, we went back to my momma's in a suburb in Riverside County. My sister and her bf were talking about going to the beach and then Disney the next day all I heard beach!!!  Of course I wanted to go! So we return to the O.C. and although we left hours and hours after we were supposed to be there, we made it, but without enough time to go to the beach :( We did however go to Disneyland!! so much fun seeing it all through the eyes of my niece and nephew! I loved how excited they were, even though they have season passes and usually go at least once a month, they were so excited with the rides and having so many aunties with them, there were 3 of us aunties there, one uncle, daddy and the kids :-)  We had SUCH fun!

I was going to head back to Riverside County the next day but decided I was having too much fun with my sis and my Godmother, that I didn't want to go back... so I stayed a few extra days here. :-)

I'm afraid that I'm going to get bored with my mom.. not that she is boring, not by any stretch of the imagination, but it's a small city and not much to do.. except maybe go to the vineyards and sample the wines. lol. :-)

So.. tomorrow I go to momma's and I'm really looking forward to seeing her!!!

I'm SO LOOKING FORWARD to the Support Group Meetings coming up! WEEEEEEEE

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  1. So glad you are enjoying yourself. Don't forget you will be on the beach on the 16th. We can go out there and sit if you want. :)