Sunday, July 7, 2013


It's been hard for me to get out of the apartment lately... call it agoraphobia, call it fear of not having enough energy to make it home, call it whatever you want, but it's a real fear. It's hard to be indoors 24/7 like this and a person can only watch so much Hulu, Netflix and television. So, I have been crafting lately.

I have been using what I have on hand: an old shoe box lid, a pair of old jeans, a picture frame whose glass was broken, and lots and lots of foam! lol

I started out by making a hanger for my necklaces. Using a dowel, some recycled pieces of chain link, and something to hold it into the wall, i have my necklaces hanging up.. Then my earring holder. I painted and decorated an old picture frame and glued a piece of plastic canvas onto it. that hangs on my wall too :-)

My rings were a little bit trickier. I read somewhere that using felt rolled up, you can stick rings in between each piece. I had a piece of felt, a white one, left over from when I made Ellie her Halloween costume last year. Certain that it wasn't enough, I sat on the idea for a few months until I figured something else out. My granddaughter had a birthday party coming up so we had to go get paper products and the dollar tree is where we ended up. Walking the aisles, I found a bunch of crafting supplies and went crazy! Large sheets of foam, foam with adhesive on the back in shapes of animals, musical instruments, shapes and letters, were everywhere! I had such fun choosing what I wanted to get!

I used the foam sheets to make a quiet book for my grand baby, which I'm still working on, and she and I have been "crafting" together, decorating things with the foam stickers. When I saw I had left over foam, I thought, this would be perfect for my rings! all I have is costume jewelry, and I love bling, so I had to figure out a way to have my small dainty rings and my large oversized rings fit in the same holder. so I rolled up the foam, and using a hot glue gun, glued them together. For the larger rings, I left a gap in between to let them fit. I used an old pair of jeans to decorate a shoebox lid, and VOILA! I love it ! :D
Magnets I made for Ellie to play with 
my ring holder. 
An old mirror I found, painted it, decorated with
glass beads, tiny mirrors, & a purple flower
for great grandma
Ellie's quiet book, page 1
for the quiet book:
Cars, trucks, bus, boat, train

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