Thursday, February 26, 2015

on a scale of 1 to 10

i need to talk for a bit here.

this is the second worst day of pain that i have had in several weeks. like usual though, it has come with exhaustion and nausea and dizziness. :( i can't even craft today, even the glue gun is too heavy.

 i'm keeping hydrated with crystal light ... ive stopped coke... do you think this is why i'm in such pain? It's been about about week now. I see the endocrinologist tomorrow... was going to the Vietnamese embassy to watch a free movie and get a tour around the embassy today. now there's no way. i just feel so awful. dont wanna cry. not going to cry!

i think i need to sleep. this really really sucks... you know? I feel this lump n my throat butu keep pushing it down. i am NOT going to cry. so tired. so much fucking pain. :( :( :(  i know i've been blessed with more good than bad days. mostly good days! in the past several years. but now.... i just want to curl up and sleep.... but then i think i'm wasting my life by sleeping it away. we all know how precious life is... so why am i wasting it. even if i'm up  watching tv or crafting or talking to you guys, i feel at least i'm doing SOMETHING. you know?

 on a scale of 1 - 10 where 1 is no pain and ten is the worst pain you've ever had in all your life.... i'm at a 7.5 or 8

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