Saturday, November 7, 2015

So my doc told me, the last time I went to see him, that I MUST loose weight, that I MUST exercise, that my life and health depend on it. From that point, I have been eating NONSTOP pretty much. I  haven't cared AT ALL about my health, my life, anything. i stopped taking the majority of my meds, except the "Life sustaining" ones: Viagra, Tramadol, Synthroid and Prednisone. For me, those are life sustaining. but I ran out of synthroid and prednisone and last night, I really wanted to go to the E.R. feeling like I was in adrenal insufficiency. today, I doubled up on the pred and synth, and after a nap, woke up better.  yeah I know what I'm doing is slow suicide, as people tell me it is. I just have not cared. i'm back on my antidepressants and everything else. and hopefully will start walking soon. my dear sister Debbie picked up meds from the pharmacy yesterday and I took the ones she brought me. I was actually out of sildenafil for about a week or so and I know that didn't help my health, or lack there of.

I guess I"m sharing this to say, I'm back on the wagon and will start eating better, walking more, and trying to live my life again....................

wish me well!!!


  1. My heart is with you. I have days it is all I can do to sit in the recliner. This is one of those days. I want to throw all these medicines out the window and live like I did in my twenties. Not gonna happen. I, too, pick times I am resistant to treatment. I have to rebel somewhere and I have few venues left.

  2. Remember in those low and dark times, Alex, that there are hundreds (at least) of friends who love you and care about you. You and your sister are such blessings to the PH community. We love you.

  3. I wish you could love yourself as much as we do. Love you bunches bestie!