Saturday, March 12, 2016

extreme boredom. been watching Gilmore Girls all fucking day. on the last season. i hate that my life is watching television all fucking day. dont want to craft, dont want to color, dont want to eat, dont want to drink. want to sleep my life away. dont even want to be aware. dont want these fucked up dreams i've been having.

people chasing me, trying to kill me. running around not knowing what to do or say. then being caught and thrown into a bus, where people are asking me questions that i have no idea the answers to, and if i don't they will kill me.
so i try to escape. then as i'm running away, i get caught again but this time i'm thrown into a submarine. in this submarine people are shoving me and pushing me and kicking me. then the doors start opening up and people with knives and guns come after me. i hate hate hate these dreams lately.

i hate hate hate my life lately. and in the near near super near future things are going to change. i may be moving across the country, or i may stay here but move to a different place. there's so much going on. :( stress is beyond ridiculous. if i end up leaving here, i want to do things before i go, museums, up the washington monument, the basilica, so many things .... but of course, knowing me, i wont do shit. i'll just pack my shit and go.

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