Tuesday, December 7, 2010

driving to norwalk, cerritos and the city of orange

so yesterday early my mom and i jumped in the car and drove down to Norwalk to get my birth certificate. I need it to get my CA driver's license. It took just a little while once we were in the right line. first, stop by the information desk, then at the line of computers to enter name, address and phone number. finally in a short line where we stood for less than i think fifteen minutes. once I got the birth certificate, we drove to my godmother's house to see her, my uncle and my nephew. we were there for a short while, maybe an hour, then drove to the city of orange so my mom could see an old friend.
the traffic from Temecula wasn't bad. we took the 15 to the 91 to the 5. but then on the way back, it was a bit hairy. not too bad as LA traffic goes. lol. but in total, we ended up taking more than 5 freeways, high ways whatever. lol.

it was nice to see everyone and to get my certificate.

I had to go to Norwalk, in L.A. county because I was born in L.A. my mom used to say the hospital where I was born was close to the freeway. My brothers would chime in, where most accidents happen!!! :-P

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