Friday, December 3, 2010

walking and walking

So my cholesterol is super high, I'm not going to tell you how high it is but lets just say it's super high. to combat it, I've stopped drinking sodas and am working hard to watch what I eat. I've also gone twice walking with my momma, it's fun and we get some quiet time together!
I'm looking forward to our walks too.

I hadn't walked since I left DC because, well, there are too many hills out here and my mom has a car. Also my back, with the Sciatica, hurt too much to do much standing, let alone walking. The first day was pretty rough for me. We walked to the park and then around it. We actually didn't walk too long because of my back, maybe fifteen minutes or so. anyways, the next day was better...

I'm hoping we can continue to walk because I know that's all the exercising I can do! bummer part though is, my almost 70 year old mom can walk faster than I can.


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  1. I've had high cholesterol due to genetics mostly (thanks mom and dad!) for years now. My doctor tried having me lower it through diet and exercise, but it didn't completely help. So I had to add a statin drug (I take Lovastatin), and it's gotten better. Wish I didn't have to take yet another drug, but it just won't go down without it! Hope the walking can continue to help you!