Tuesday, December 21, 2010

my doc appointment in Loma Linda

So yesterday I went to see Dr Brand at Loma Linda University Hospital. He's really nice and studied under some awesome PH Docs. When I got there, I did a six minute walk right away and did 567 meters, which is pretty awesome. I pushed myself towards the end but I didn't stop at all, not once. I'm pretty impressed with myself too. lol

I locked the keys in my mom's car and we had to call for road side service. Fortunately it was a quick fix and we were on our way. The rain and traffic was so bad it took like, it felt, twice as long to get back as it did to get there.  At least it was a simple drive, as far as the freeways that I had to take.

The university is huge and was easy to spot, plus, the International Heart Clinic is super close to the reception area, which made my day so much easier.

I do like Dr Brand and feel like I"m going to stick with the International Heart Clinic for my PH Specialists.

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