Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Don't Stop Believing

I don't know when it was that i stopped believing, but I do know it has been a while.  People say the most common things and it totally gets to me, because I don't believe.

What don't I believe in?

Jinxing something and 

that sort of thing. Some would say that I'm the unluckiest person, having several chronic illnesses, having a failed marriage, etc. But I don't believe so. I dont believe that LUCK has anything to do with it.

God knows me, knows how many hair strands I have on my head. He knows what my past is and what my future will be. It is all pre written and pre ordained. So what does luck have to do with any of it? Absolutely nothing!

As for superstitions, (or stupidstitions as I like to call it), I think those were all made up to make péople afraid of the unknown. A black cat running in front of you is just a black cat running in front of you. Walking under a ladder won't do anything unless the ladder falls on you, or you bump the person off the ladder. Breaking a mirror is just unfortunate, nothing else.

So why in this day and age do people still believe in hocus pocus and nonsense like that? I wish I knew. Maybe they are holding on to the traditions of generations past? Maybe they were taught these and have never questioned it.

Please know that this is ALL my opinion and not meant to say that anyone that believes in these things is stupid or anything like that. I am not that way. I would never say anything to purposely hurt anyone. I know that there are those who might read this and think I am strange for writing this, or whatever, or that my beliefs are all wrong.. who knows.