Friday, January 3, 2014

what am I doing?

What am I doing to keep myself from living in the hopelessness and helplessness of depression that Chronic Illness can bring, someone asked me. Well, let me tell you.

I have been walking lately.

  • I have lost over ten lbs in the last 2 months. 

I have been crafting .

  • a few examples, i have been decoupaging lately. printed out pics of my grand daughter and put them on canvas. they look great! Also, decoupaged a few ornaments for myself. I am looking forward to painting a glass jar to hold my make up brushes. 
I have been sewing.

  • I got a beautiful sewing machine from my sister Debbie for Christmas! 
I have been watching Netflix and other movies online 
  • I have watched a few really fun moves, some that make you think, and others that made me cry and wish I hadn't watched them. 
and last but not least
I have been watching my granddaughter! 
  • We play and laugh and craft together, color together, read stories and tell stories and sing together! she is such a love! and whenever I am around her, she always brings my spirits up!
So what do you think? is this enough? should I be doing more? certainly. I have been looking for a job that i could do sitting down. but those are hard to come by, you know? and I could be more out and about... which I actually have been. Went out to eat with my friend in downtown and today went out with my sister and her bf. but yeah but myself, no i don't do that. 

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