Tuesday, November 27, 2012

can't believe...

I can't believe how fast this year has gone by!!

Here we are, the last few days of November, and then December will come and then... 2013.

Yes, we are supposed to celebrate the new year.
Yes, we are supposed to be joyous that we survived 2012 and the "apocalypse" didn't hit us.
Yes, we are supposed to be grateful that we lived to see another new year.

Especially someone with a chronic condition.

But actually, and really really honestly, I'm afraid of what the new year will hold.

Will I still be in too much pain to be able to work?
Will I still be sitting in front of my laptop morning, noon and night?
Will I still be draining my sister?
Will I still be a burden on my family?

These are just a sampling of questions I have been asking myself.
Am I stressing? just a tiny bit.
Am I freaking out? just a teeny bit
Am I anxious? just a bit more than that.
Am I lying to you about how teeny tiny i'm stressing, freaking, anxious I am? yup! 

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