Friday, November 30, 2012


I'm missing my kid's babyhood. The years from when they were first born, until they started acting out. for one of them, it was A LOT sooner than the other two. But my daughters were and always will be ALWAYS awesome!!!
We crafted together, we sang together, we colored, play-do'ed, did hair and nails, had tea parties. We loved to watch tv shows that had music such as Barney; Sharon, Lois and Braham; and Lamb Chop, for example. I miss these times.

I love love love how they have grown and matured. I love love love how they have blossomed into their own persons, how they are striving for not just themselves but for their families.

But still, I miss it.

But now I get to watch my grand daughter grow up! :D :D :D

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