Monday, November 26, 2012

This too shall pass?

This too shall pass? 

This was on a good friend's FB page this morning. I wanted to respond, Really? When? Because I'm getting tired of waiting. Getting tired of waiting for things to move on. Getting tired of the pain. Getting tired of new symptoms popping up nearly each day.
I love my friends, I do, but without knowing it, they say things that set me off into a rant. And they mean well you know?

I had another dream last night. A recurring dream. I'm in a fancy hotel, or office building, or just the apartment building, (changes every time). I get into an elevator and that elevator jolts and kicks and spits and I'm falling, falling, falling. In my dream last night, I'm in the elevator falling for so long, I start to sing, and someone hears me singing and shouts out to me, (In dreams past, I have shouted out to people but no one can hear me).

No need to say " I wonder what that dream is all about? " I know it means that I feel like my life is on a downward fall. I have nothing in my life right now but my family and friends. what I mean by that is,
no job - no money - no sense of achievements - 
and for me... that's enough to send me into a depression. It's been this way for many months and I feel the effects of it. Not getting out of bed, not wanting to eat, not having energy to cook or clean for myself.

but you know what.. this too shall pass. right? it's supposed to!

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  1. I can understand the no money or job thing. But no achievements? My dear, all the awareness you are doing about PH both online and off mean a HECK of a lot to this community! I think that is so very important! How much of that do you think you could do with a job?? So I think you should at least be proud of that!! (((HUGS)))