Monday, November 19, 2012

Doctor's visit from HELLLLLLLLLLLLL

I called on Friday to schedule a doctor's appointment with my PCP - primary care physician, aka family doc. I go an afternoon appointment for today, Monday.

I get there about maybe  7 minutes late. I had fell asleep at noon and woke up at 1:45 and needed to shower and change, and ran out the door 5 minutes before the actual appointment time. Thankfully, she's about a 5 minute walk, i must have walked slower than usual.

So I get there and wait 30 minutes to be called in. Seriously? the entire office is empty except for me. I get my vitals, weight was down by a bit, tiny bit, and all other vitals are good.
As I'm getting my vitals done, I notice the young lady doing them is a student. I asked her, and she said she was in her  third year. So I asked if she had ever heard of Pulmonary Hypertension, which she had. She asked me why I had asked and said that I have it.

I get taken into a room and get a flu shot. and wanted to send me on my merry way. NOPE! I have things I need to speak to the doc about.  I made a list, as I always do, on things I need to talk her about, she comes in for about 2 minutes and gets a call and has to leave. I was upset. Duh!
Obviously I'm upset right? So the student doctor, who was still in the room asks me what's wrong and I said, every time, I need to talk to her and she's running away to someone/thing else. She must have told the doc that because after i got my blood work, I was told to go back into the room. She followed me in and I said to her,

I have ten different diagnosis. I have 2 chronic diseases that have dramatically changed my lifestyle and way of living. I don't need my hand held, but I do need more than 2 minutes of your time.

Apparently,  since all I said was I needed the flu shot, med refills and blood work, they put me in a 5 minute spot instead of a fifteen minute spot. So I need to be more specific when I call to make my appointments.

Then, as I was walking out, the Phlebotomist says that she can't code the pregnancy test I have to take each month in order to receive my life sustaining medications. Which has always been this way. So, she's trying different diagnosis codes, and none of them work. I called my specialist Dr Ruiz, and his nurse gives me several codes to try and none of them work. I even called the specialty pharmacy and they didn't have any codes. When I get home, I called Medicare and they can't give me any codes or any information  but I should have the lab call medicare and ask for the provider line. DOH! isn't that what I told her two or three times? she refused to do it. 

As I was walking out of the doctor's office,  I said,

It sucks being disabled. the doctor responded by saying, "I understand."

NO! No you don't!
You have more than $10 left at the end of each month!
You don't live in your sister's living room because you can't afford a place of your own.
You don't deal with pain, constant doctor's visits, test after test after test.
You don't deal with the feeling or is it knowledge that you are a burden to your family.
You don't deal with survivors guilt because your friends are dying all around you, but you are still here after so many years.
You aren't... oh man! i can go on.
that got to me. you know? maybe it was frustrations of the day but that really really got to me!!!

I'd go find a new primary doctor but she's only 5 minutes away... just needed to vent about this doctor's visit from hell!!!

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  1. Now now, you know how we tell many newly diagnosed PHers that so many of us have to travel a distance to see a PH specialist! The same goes for a primary! Well, I'm not saying to go out of state for a primary, but if you're so frustrated with this one, maybe you should find a new one?? I know I would!! Love you!! lol